Yomico Moreno was born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela and has been working as a tattoo artist since 2003. Today, he is a resident artist in New York City.

While living in his hometown, Moreno had his first experience with the tattoo world. Then, he moved to Valencia, Venezuela around mid-2005, where he took his first steps as a professional tattoo artist working in a studio. Moreno worked for 3 years in Valencia and then departed to Switzerland for a few months to become part of the staff of one of the most recognized tattoo studios in the country. The same year (2008) Moreno decided to come back to Venezuela in order to develop his career in Caracas, the capital city. Once Yomico began to work in Caracas, he received nation-wide recognition because of the first place prizes he won at various local tattoo conventions.
In 2010, Yomico Moreno was invited to participate in the International Tattoo Convention in Denmark. This event opened the doors to an even greater level of fame, due to him winning the first prizes in the categories of “Best Color” and “Best Realism.” Since then, Moreno has been developing his artistic career in Europe, Central America, and South America.
After this, he started to travel around the world and become a winner in several more competitions at bigger and more serious tattoo conventions. In 2015, he was invited by Paul Booth to be part of the world renowned Last Rites crew.