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  • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA | OCT . 31 - NOV . 4

The tattoo art form has existed for centuries and as many in the tattoo profession have experienced, the tattoo industry has been primarily self-regulated for over the last 50 years. However, the regulatory landscape has changed in Europe and increasingly in the United States. Today the tattoo industry is highly regulated in Europe by a myriad of EU and country specific agencies. In the Unites States federal agencies such as the FDA are beginning to review and codify restrictions on ingredients used in tattoo pigments and other tattoo related products.

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“We welcome the continued advancement of our industry and common sense regulation. However, as an industry, we must unify and become an informed advocate for the continued existence of our profession and art. We either take it upon ourselves to do it - or we run the risk of being side-lined and silenced by unqualified outside groups and associations.``

— Mario Barth

CTS President

“The tattoo industry needs a voice for sharing knowledge and experience on a global platform. This is the value of creating a coalition for tattoo ink safety … it is where we explain our industry to the world.”

— Terry ‘Tramp’ Welker

CTS Board Member

“It is time to unite as a whole in the tattoo community to get all the support, education, & knowledge from all to better serve this industry and overcoming all unnecessary obstacles thrown our way!”

— Tom Ringwalt

CTS Board Member

“Tattooing has always been an expression of one’s self, both as a collector and a practitioner. Our art form dates back to 3,250 BC and has mainly been considered an underground sub-culture. Now it has become a part of our everyday culture due in part to the amazing talents and techniques of artists today, as well as the advancements in the products they use. As manufactures of these products we must come together and UNITE , educating on practical common sense safety regulations in our industry. Unity is Strength and through this we look to preserve our industry for future generations”

— Mario Rosenau

CTS Board Member


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