South Brazilian, native of Porto Alegre / RS, living in the USA.

It specializes in realistic tattoo, reproduces with excellence, black and gray tattoo as well as colored tattoo, it does almost everything when it comes to realism tattoo, portrait tattoo, animal tattoos, object tattoos, movie or fantasy characters.

A lover of art since childhood, he invested in the study of tattooing as a way to expand his artistic world, starting his professional career in 2006.

In realistic tattoo style he found his passion and, on this, invests all his studies and knowledge.

A great admirer of classical painting, he has always sought to study his favorite painters through books and special editions of art. After many years, he managed to fulfill his dream, moved to another state to be able to appear in the study of classical painting with one of the most renowned masters of classical painting in Brazil, master Paulo Frade, a resident of the city of São Paulo. Paulo Paulo Paulo is one of the only master artists of classical Italian art in Brazil.
Tony, with his immersion in the study of classical art, managed, along with his master, to create the project Painting to Tattoo, where they mix a study of classic painting with the tattoo.