I was born in 1974 in Boston, Lived in Brockton til I was 3. My parents Pat and Bill moved to Carver and I have lived here ever since.I have 2 brothers Mike and Paul. I am the middle kid, as ever middle kid knows we get blamed for ever thing. I started drawing when I was seven or so and haven’t stopped. I draw every day every chance I get. Started drawing tattoo flash in 1995. I started tattooing in 1998, ten years flew by. I started at a place called Green Man Studio in West Hartford, CT. There my friend Jerry Issel taught me most of what I know about how to tattoo. I decided to move on and open my own studio Stinky Monkey Tattoos back in Massachusetts when it became legal in 2001. Jerry decided to come and work with me.He and I have worked together the whole 10 years.

In 2004, I decided to publish a book of my art for tattoo artists. 101 halfsleeves was an idea i came up with the year before, but was put off because I was too busy at the shop. I finally decided it was time to put it out. Then I met soon to be wife Christine, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She helped me with printing the first printing of the book which was only 200 copies. I did that because I was nervous that no one was going to buy it. the first 200 sold in 2 months, that was it. I started drawing the second book All These Things In My Head, most of which is from sketchbooks, so I re printed 101 and had all these printed and both have been selling great since. I decided when I did my books that it was going to be just me selling them. I think that it is really cool to meet the people who buy my books in person. after all these are my babies and I am glad to see they are going to good homes. After the first 2 books, I hooked up with my friend Jime Litwalk to collaborate on two books. We titled the books One in the same, and The same but different because people say our artwork is so similar. He and I even had trouble remembering who drew what. We have hooked up with another friend Joe Capobianco to do a new book which we have been working on over a year now, this was a great compliment to be working with two of my biggest influences. I cant wait to see this one done. when we started that I also started drawing the follow up to 101. I decided to call it Droppin a deuce, because it the second in the series and because people think of poop when they read the title. I am just finished with the new book, Size doesn’t matter another pun. In it I have drawn a line drawing page of flash a day for the first 2 months of 2008. It will be available in june and with any luck people will like this as much as they do the other books.

In 2012 My wife Christine and I had our first child Maximo Wayne Ciavarro. We couldnt be happier to start the next huge step in our lives.