It’s hard to write about yourself. My interest has always been in the beauty of creating the artist, only through their imagination, the will and perseverance of the creator to complete. No matter with or with which material or also which style. So it came to self-experiment with pencils, charcoal, rubella, oil on canvas, cardboard, paper and other materials and substrates. For tattooing, I came across Cornel, whose art I have always been very impressed. I was also blown away by the interaction of the customer idea and the tattooing imagination. An artistic teamwork of the special class. And when everything plays together, what unique art can emerge. I learned to tattoo and soaked up everything. For 5 years I worked in the studio “Kunst-Werk”. Now I am involved in a great project in the Studio “Color Confession” in Schwaz and I look forward to seeing you soon when we make your art a reality! ^^ Bäääm I`m out!