Born and raised in Guatemala City Guatemala, I come from humble background. Raised by a single mother, I was quickly handed pen and paper to occupy my free time. I was able to overcome my struggles by channeling my energy into artwork and heavy metal music. Although my love for art continued to grow, I formally studied music at Universidad Del Valle de Guatemala.
With time I realized that my heavy metal dreams were unrealistic living in Guatemala City. Heavily tattooed and with pockets empty I began my journey into the world of tattooing.
After years of hard work and dedication in the trade I was able to open my own shop, Graveyard Tattoo Studio, in Antigua Guatemala in 2013. Our artwork has distinguished us among the top in the country. The shop has attracted the eyes of tattoo collectors looking for custom work. Our clients visit us from all over the world.
I do enjoy all styles of tattooing however I prefer the most challenging ones such as portraits and realism pieces. If you are looking to get tattooed by me please send me an email to get information how to book an appointment at least two months in advance, a down payment is required.