“Longevity of the Tattoo Artist”: A Tattoo Artist’s Health & Awareness – Durb


Tattooing can take a major toll on the tattoo artist’s body and can contribute to health issues and daily discomforts while tattooing everyday over the length of a tattoo artist’s career. This brief seminar by veteran tattoo artist Durb Morrison is a tattoo artist’s insight into simple ways to keep your body healthier, limber & stronger, therefore allowing the tattoo artist to feel the best they can throughout the length of their entire career. This one hour informative seminar covers various aspects of health issues and discomforts associated with long-term tattooing and also accompanied by simple ways to extend your tattooing and art career dramatically. This seminar is for any tattoo artist looking to gain insight to improve their physical self & basic daily habits around the studio to feel better during & after tattooing with preventative exercises, stretches & diet! THE TOPICS DISCUSSED ARE MEANT TO: ·         IMPROVE THE COMFORT OF THE ARTIST. ·         RAISE AWARENESS OF ARTIST HEALTH. ·         TEACH SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE STRETCHES. ·         TEACH PROACTIVE TATTOO LIFESTYLE. ·         PROMOTE PREVENTATIVE THINKING FOR ARTISTS.   Duration: 1.5 hours.