Myke Chambers is a true journeyman. His tattoo roots can be traced back to the early 90’s punk rock scene, idolizing punk icons and fringe artists that were found on the outskirts of society. During his childhood, Chambers aspired to be an architect, constantly drawing skylines and cityscapes with extreme precision, but his career path altered when he performed his first amateur tattoo at age 12.

After a friend gave Chambers the opportunity to learn the basics in New Orleans, LA, in the mid 90’s, he hopped on a freight train and never looked back. With his trusted dog by his side and backpack slung around his shoulders, Myke began traveling the countryside learning from tattoo artists and gaining invaluable life experiences along the way. Inspired by personal encounters, nature, and spontaneity, Chambers has developed a unique brand of Traditional Americana tattooing that is unmistakably his own.

To this day, Chambers continues his wanderlust, traveling to countries and conventions all over the world, showcasing his skill level and masterful tattooing.

You can find Myke on the convention circuit all year or in Philadelphia. If you want Myke for your next tattoo, book in advance through his website.
(Bio credit – Leo Gomon)