Moni Marino began tattooing in 1993 in her native Italy at the age of 14. A sewing needle, thread, and Pelikan ink was all she had, but she made it work.

That type of fierce independence has stayed with Moni her entire professional career, and its part of what makes her such a great artist.

After spending only a few months working in a tattoo studio, Moni opened her own. It was a long process, but gradually she developed a style rooted in full-color realism. She also creates amazing Chicano-style work in black and gray.

Moni believes that the best tattoos represent life experiences, and throughout her career, she’s never stopped pushing herself. She believes that every tattoo should challenge her, and that she’s never arrived at a destination. That journey, along with a devotion to making herself a better artist is why she uses Intenze Ink.