Mateus is a tattoo artist from Ibitinga, a small town in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. In Ibitinga, there was no reputable course for learning tattooing, painting, or drawing for Mateus, so he had to make a trip to the capital city every day — a trip that took him 6 hours on bus, both ways. Despite the challenge, Mateus loved what he did and persevered.

“When I turned 18, I had my skin first tattooed. I had finished high school and wasn’t sure about what career to follow. At the time, nothing made my heart beat strongly yet, not until I had my first tattoo done. It was simply amazing, and I was in love with it all. I always loved drawing. Then I decided: I’m gonna be a tattooist.”

Since then, Mateus has become a professional artist, attending tattoo conventions globally and always eager to learn more.

A quote by Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna picked from the artist: “Whoever you are, no matter what social position you have, rich or poor, always show great strength and determination, and always do everything with much love and deep faith in God. One day you will reach your goal.”