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2020 Tattooing Trade Show

Join us in Vegas for this years Tattooing Trade Show October 26th – 31st, 2020. This show will feature the best the tattoo industry has to offer. Tattoo artists and enthusiasts will see the most innovative tattooing technologies, get tattooed by the most amazing artists in the world, and attend tattooing seminars. We welcome vendors, manufactures, artists, tattoo enthusiasts, and curious minds to join us in experiencing the very best of body art. If you love art and tattoos you can’t miss this incredible event! CTS and it’s trade so are NON-PROFIT and all proceeds will go towards the betterment of the tattooing community.


Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! When your not making priceless business contacts, getting tattooed, and attending seminars join us for official parties, competitions, music and more. Our full event calendar will be continuously update up to show time. Make sure to check back often for times and event details!

Check Out the BEST of 2018's Show!


Attend 3 days of intensive workshops with our line-up of world class artists. Join us for this years educational portion of the Las Vegas Tattooing Trade Show. We have gathered the worlds best tattoo artists together to educate the next generation of tattoo artists. Perfect for any level of tattooist from apprentice to master.

Be Present

The Las Vegas Tattooing Trade Show is the best venue to promote your brand. Make sure your team is present at this years event. With 6 days of trade show, 3 days of live tattooing, and 3 days of education seminars this event promises to be the biggest tattooing event this year. Create amazing product displays, hold giveaways, create amazing hands on experiences, reach your target demographics, and elevate your brand. Be the most creative booth!