I was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with my Identical twin brother.
Often, I found myself headed down the creative path of life.
It has always been art and music that does it for me.
In 1998, our senior year of high school, we moved to Southern New Jersey
where we started our band called Still Standing.  I then moved back to Philly and continued to
play in the band.  It quickly formed a following and eventually, in 2004,
we made our way to sunny Southern California to pursue music, full time.
(Thank you to those who let us sleep on your couch.)
Soon, doors opened for us and we began recording and touring. Shortly after the
move we got the opportunity to tour with Alice Cooper in Canada for two weeks.
It was an amazing offer and life changing experience in our music career.
Arriving back in LA we started to record our freshman album called “LifeOlogy”
with the likes of, Marti Frederiksen and eventually signed a record deal.
Being an artist and a tattoo collector, I took a serious interest in Tattooing.
In 2006 I began a year long apprenticeship at a Tattoo Studio near my apartment, in Los Angeles.
I was the understudy of an artist by the name of John Petro.
I am an extremely passionate person as well as a perfectionist and that carries over in my work.
I feel very blessed to be able to do exactly what I love in tattooing and music.

I am currently living with my family in St Petersburg Florida
For any Bookings and Inquiries please contact me by emailing Justincoppolino@gmail.com