Ivana has been tattooing for 17 years with a style and mastery that she’s taught herself ever since graduating from high school and landing her first job in a tattoo shop.

Interestingly, someone whose work is classified as “funky color” started tattooing in black and grey tattoos with only two types of needles—5 liner’s and 14 round shader’s—until she met other influential artists. They told her that she couldn’t do colorful tattoos with those types of needles. She then started using magnums, which helped in elevating her skill to the next level.

It was from those initial pieces that Ivana began to build from, incorporating her love of street art, graffiti, graphic design, paintings and amazing color.

And while her style continues to evolve over time, it’s always distinct and unique.

“I take inspiration from every day of my life,” she says. “I’m grateful for every new day and what it offers.”

Although she’s already highly regarded and sought after, her career is still blossoming. In addition to tattooing, Ivana is a prolific writer, with her second just released book, “just Love Tattoos & Sushi”.

She’s also a gifted drawer, clothing designer and photographer.

Whatever Ivana sets her sights on, her goal is to continue growing, and it’s reflected in everything she does. As an artist who made her way to the pinnacle of her profession without formal training to a practitioner of living fully, Ivana won’t settle—and that’s why we’re such big fans.