Who are we?

The coalition is made up of tattoo artists, tattoo enthusiasts, and industry leaders unified together under one organization. Our purpose is to be a voice for tattooing rights and regulations worldwide. Regulations are changing in light speed and are vastly imposed on our industry without the consideration of the reality affecting our business and livelihood. It is up to us as an industry to set the standards. WE TOGETHER are the next generation of tattoo artist, we need to take care of our own industry. CTS is a 501(c) Non-Profit Organization.

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General Coalition for Tattoo Safety membership is now FREE and voluntary contributions are greatly appreciated. Members receive free general admission to the trade conference. Please know, all previous members will receive an email and must re-sign to receive a code for free general admission and promotions. CTS is a 501(c) Non-Profit Organization.

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World Tattoo Industry Trade Conference

Confirmed Exhibitors

Oct. 25 - Oct. 30, 2021

YES! This is a 6 DAY conference, not just a regular convention! Join us for 6 days dedicated to tattoo education and industry specific forums. Did we mention it's in beautiful Las Vegas? Enjoy the city as we celebrate tattooing, networking, concerts, and parties. Show the world our industry's organization with all its art and colors.

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Beginner, Intermediate or Expert, everybody is welcome. We have educational seminars all levels of experience. Not only do you gain enormous knowledge but you are actively supporting our quest to standardize, shape and form our own industry. This is a “NON PROFIT” event and you are an important supporter and part of changing our history. Reserve your spot today!

Attend Seminars

Scheduled discussions will be guided by panels of experts and organized to explain and solve tattooing industry challenges. Several regulation based discussions scheduled with regulatory experts as well as the industry will take place so they can hear what is important to you. Panel discussions will include counterfeit products and under-qualified products being sold throughout the internet market place. Several additional panel discussions will be added weekly and posted on the event schedule so your voice is sure to be heard.

Show and Discover

Show and try out the latest technology and be able to purchase the newest tattoo equipment, as well as meet with world renowned industry brand reps. You will also be able to network and collaborate with artists, clients, and tattoo business reps. Build lasting relationships with your favorite supplier and industry leaders and bring home the newest products.

Become an Exhibitior

It's time to form committees and assign responsibilities. Help us vote and organize our industry! Every nonprofit organization needs ambassadors and helpers and we are looking for you. This will be the time where YOU can show what it takes to be part of changing the course of the tattoo industry. Let your voice be heard!

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