Hiram Casas is a young tattoo artist and former graphic designer from La Havana, Cuba. Linked to the fine arts since he was a kid, went to various fine arts schools until in 2004 he is accepted in the National Fine Arts Academy San Alejandro (La Habana, Cuba) and graduated in 2009. After completing his specialty in digital art he started to work as a graphic designer for marketing companies in Cuba and Mexico until 2011 when he got involved in the body art and tattoo industry where he found his passion. Since that moment he has been tattooing professionally full time. In 2012 he moved to Las Vegas, NV where he currently resides. When he is not tattooing, he is drawing or planning the next piece, he is an active creator. Thanks to his formation in the fine arts it has been easy for him to accomplish a great variety of tattoo styles. He loves customized tattoos and to improve, if is required, the most simple design.