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~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

What type of organization is CTS?

CTS is a federally recognized non-profit organization.  (501c3)

What is the purpose of CTS?

The mission of the Coalition for Tattoo Safety is to establish, support and promote the tattoo industry in creating minimum manufacturing standards for tattoo and cosmetic ink manufacturers, to educate the tattoo art industry and regulatory agencies, and to implement realistic goals protecting health and safety of the public at large.

How is CTS different from other groups out there?

CTS is an industry driven group of professionals, ranging from manufacturers to enthusiasts unified to bring in the law makers to form proper guidelines and regulations. CTS is all of us. It is you and me.

CTIS (Coalition for Tattoo Ink Safety) vs CTS (Coalition for Tattoo Safety)

In 2011, as regulations were being enforced in the tattoo industry in Europe that were also coming to the U.S., CTIS  was formed. It consisted of 5 major ink manufacturers. By 2017 it became clear that the impact is on the entire industry and not only the ink manufacturers so the industry as whole is included. CTS wanted to help the entire tattoo industry by providing them with information and education to help with government organizations setting unreasonable standards.

Why is CTS no longer part of AFDO?

CTS is a separate organization whose views are not 100% in alignment with those of AFDO. 

Where do the funds go?

In the last year close to $200,000 went to pay for a lobbyist to be our voice in the US Congress. CTS also has an independent accounting firm handling funds as per legal requirements for a non-profit organization.

How much do the board members get paid?

Board members do not get paid. Their work is voluntary and they spend thousands of dollars out of their own pockets. All their expenses are contributions.

Who makes the financial and other decisions?

The budget is created based on what needs to be done to support the CTS in helping the tattoo industry. Executive board, as per advice of its committees, decides where the money goes.

How does the CTS support small businesses while maintaining consumer safety?

Members of the CTS help small businesses by giving them important safety and sterilization info to help with passing health inspections in their areas. We work with health officials worldwide and most individuals that we speak to in the U.S. Senate are very interested in seeing small businesses succeed.

Why is the CTS important to me as an artist?

Legislation is coming and our livelihood will depend on us helping guide the formation of these regulations. That starts with joining our CTS group to help us with these arising issues by putting all of our ideas together. Putting multiple minds together is a powerful resource.

Why was the 2019 show cancelled?

The Bills currently being proposed in the Senate were gaining momentum quickly and on advice of our lobbyist we needed to direct all our energy and commit all of our resources to that.

How does this Bill affect me?

The upcoming legislation could jeopardize your job because:

– Ink quality and availability can change with regulations on manufacturing and ingredients.

– Tattoo machines (laser tattoo removal machines and other related machines) could become classified as medical devices effecting manufacturers as well as end users.

– Possible further regulations could require individuals to complete education that may not be realistic as those proposing the regulations are not tattoo industry professionals.

How can people contribute to the CTS?

– Send a letter to your representatives and congressmen. A pre-written letter with instructions is available for download on our home page.

– Spread the word. Social media is a very powerful tool. Share this information with your network and watch the knowledge spread.

– Join our team by becoming a member. There are benefits to our membership that go above and beyond the financial support that we get. Check out the memberships below.

– Volunteer. Help is always welcome. Send us an email and let us know how you are willing and able to help.