November 20th, 2019 at 10 am Coalition For Tattoo Safety had its first open meeting. Supporters of the tattoo industry, members and non-members alike were presented with a lot of information and were given an opportunity to ask as many questions as they needed to.

The meeting started with CTS board of directors addressing some frequently asked questions about the Coalition which will soon be posted on our website for all the public to read. After the audience was satisfied with the answers, information was handed out about the 2020 CTS World Trade Show. The date was officially announced and the outline of the Trade Show events was shared. More information can be found in the Trade Show section of our website.

Following a short lunch break, CTS treasurer Sean Brown gave an update on each of the 3 visits he had taken to the U.S. Congress representing the Coalition and the Tattoo Industry. Summary of all the visits can also be found in our previous News Posts with a more in depth report from Sean coming soon. Sean’s update was followed by our industry’s congressional lobbyist Jennifer Walsh who shared details about the Bills in the House and the Senate, as well as what’s happening on Capitol Hill. The floor was opened up to the audience and a long and productive session of questions and answers followed, until the room was silent and all were content with the information shared.

As the tattoo industry is thousands strong, CTS asked for help from volunteers. Four new committees were formed to include: Outreach and Fundraising, Regulatory, Educational, and Ink Manufacturing. Volunteers signed up to help but as many could not make the trip to Las Vegas for the meeting we would like to extend this invitation to volunteers all over the country. More information will follow soon with details on what each committee will be handling and how to sign up to volunteer.

We firmly believe that this meeting was a great success and plan to have another one in about 6 month. We hope to see even more people attend and get involved.

Please reach out with questions and stay tuned for the presentation and the video recording from the meeting.