Ed Sheffer is Diversified’s founder and owner. Originating from southern Maine, Ed began tattooing at the age of 18. After becoming licensed he opened his first tattoo studio in Limington and also worked briefly in studios in Portland and Brewer. In 2000, Ed decided to start a new shop and opened Diversified Ink Tattoo Studio on Hammond Street in Bangor. Now, seventeen years later, he still runs Diversified Ink in a new, much bigger, studio with twelve staff, including six other licensed tattoo artists and two licensed body piercers. Ed is passionate about tattooing and consistently strives to maintain a professional shop with customer satisfaction as a top priority.

A true artist at heart, Ed has incorporated local art displays in the studio and hosts occasional drawing and portrait classes. He continually strives to improve his skill level by attending art classes and tattoo seminars on a regular basis.

In his spare time Ed likes to spend time with his family, draw, and ride his motorcycle.