In October of 2018, CTS presented the first World Tattoo Industry Trade Show to present and discuss these topics of concern. Since that time, we have witnessed many artists post to social media and spread fear across the tattoo artist community. We want to make clear that creating friction with the FDA or the government will not solve this issue. We need to bring into the light how underground tattooing has a negative effect on this industry and the general public. We need to expose the black market distributing unsafe counterfeit products to unqualified artists. To succeed, we must be on the same page and come to a workable compromise for all sides involved. The tattoo industry will not survive using inadequate products and misguided regulations.

On May 14th of 2019, members of the Coalition for Tattoo Safety (CTS), Mario Barth (Intenze Products), Terry Welker (Eternal Ink), Damian Guerin (Intenze Products), Sean Brown (Ever After Pigments), Liz Cook (Ever After Pigments), and Charles Dorrell (Eternal Ink), attended meetings with staffers in Washington D.C. to discuss a pending Senate and a House bill written to revise the current FDA Cosmetic Act of 1938.

On June 26th of 2019, Sean Brown and Charles Dorrell met with House Representatives and their staff. They were all very responsive and concerned as to why tattooing has been wrapped up in a draft bill if tattooing is not a HEALTH CRISIS. . Every Congressman they met with was genuine and receptive. They all cared about our rights as Americans, business owners, tattoo professionals and collectors.

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