October 2019 DC TRIP

In October members of the CTS traveled to DC to meet with House members in regard to the House Draft Bill relating to Cosmetic Reform. It was an important trip because a hearing is right around the corner. This made the trip extremely last minute and extremely important. 

Last time we visited we focused on the Republican Party. This visit was focused on the Democratic Party. 

We again had a former member join us and break the ice with the Congressmen/women.

During the trip we met with 5 Congressmen/women as well as multiple staff members. 

The Representatives and staff belonging to the districts are as follows:

  1. Rep Schakowsky (D-IL)
  2. Rep Schrader (D-OR)  
  3. Rep Welch (D-VT)
  4. Rep Cardenas (D-CA) 
  5. Rep Dingell (D-MI) 
  6. Rep Ruiz (D-CA) 
  7. Rep Butterfield (D-NC) 

If any of these are YOUR Congressman Please be sure to send them an email and/or letter.

During each meeting we helped to educate each member on modern day tattooing and the industry. We discussed the concerns that the industry have with the draft bill as it stands. A majority of the discussion was based on explaining how ingredients for topical cosmetics could be  harmful when inserted into the skin. The difference in mode of application has not discussed among law makers or regulators. We took time to explain how our industry in not running from regulation but it needs to be understood that improper regulation could create a health crisis. We are an industry that has for the most part been “self regulated” for centuries so we asked for more time to comply with their demands. It’s going to take education and understanding on both sides of the fence. 

We received great reactions from everyone we met with. 

Not unlike our other visits, most of everyone we talked to did not know Tattooing has been added to the draft. 

This visit we had a Representative from CA that has a son that was involved in tattooing. He was extremely curious about our position and began to offer up suggestion and his help. 

Stay tuned for the next trip update. If there are any additional questions please feel free to email Sean Brown at SeanBrownTattoos@gmail.com