You don’t have to stretch the imagination to see where Bob Tyrrell draws his influence. Heavy metal and horror movies seem to permeate his work in a very amazing way. Mostly black and gray, often photorealistic, but always distinctively authentic, Bob Tyrrell has turned himself into a legend with his horror style and ability to take dark subject matters and transform them into surreal masterpieces on skin.

Bob was born in Detroit in 1962, but it wasn’t until the early 90’s when he was into his thirties that Bob began tattooing. He was inspired by his artist father who wanted to become an artist in his own right—sketching, drawing, and putting his ideas down in an emerging style. After a hiatus, Bob got back into the art scene with his first tattoo at the age of 30. and the rest, as they say, is history.

Bob has all the prerequisite skills to be an accomplished tattoo artist, but patience, a skill rarely found among his peers, has set him apart. It comes natural to him, and it makes his work extremely detailed as well as prolific.

Professionally, Bob is about as successful as it gets. He’s tattooed artists like Kid Rock, Uncle Dracker, Troy Luccketta, and Pat Lachman. Today he tattoos at large conventions and as a guest at tattoo shops around the world. But through it all he’s still the same humble guy he was when he started. He’s always accessible, always friendly, and always up for sharing the knowledge he’s accumulated throughout his career.

For his ink, Bob turns to Intenze because he knows what a quality pigment can do for artists everywhere. The blacks and subtle gray hue varieties found in Intenze help him create a style all his own. That’s why we collaborated with him to develop his own line of Black and Grey tattoo ink to help artists everywhere achieve what Bob has.