“I’ve been a tattooer since around 2005, give or take, and a professional since 2008. I’ve been an artist my whole life. I was born in SoCal and raised between a small village in western Mexico and California before finally ending up in a small town in eastern Oregon, Milton-Freewater. I’ve pretty much had a pencil in my hand ever since I can remember — even now, in between tattoos, you’ll catch me drawing. It’s what I do. I love it and hope to one day become a master at my crafts.

There were only two tattoo shops in my area growing up and I was never able to get an apprenticeship with them. So what did I do? I set about teaching myself and tattooed everybody and their mama (frowned upon, yes I know, but it worked for me). Looking back, I wish I would have gotten formally apprenticed; it would’ve saved me many headaches and frustrations. So bottom line… I tattoo, I draw, and I’m a wannabe accordion player. Check out my work, if you like it hit me up and let’s create something awesome.”