Ed Sheffer is Diversified’s founder and owner. Originating from southern Maine, Ed began tattooing at the age of 18. After becoming licensed he opened his first tattoo studio in Limington and also worked briefly in studios in Portland and Brewer. In 2000, Ed decided to start a new shop and opened Diversified Ink Tattoo Studio on Hammond Street in

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Artists shouldn’t be gauged by the length of time they’ve been practiced. Instead, they should be gauged by how much they’ve progressed. Thus is the case with Andy Pho, with only four years under his belt, Andy has developed a skill set which rivals those decades into the game. In turn he has also created

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I'm Bianca, BB for short, a female tattoo artist working in Bludenz, the west of AUSTRIA. I was into art since I was a kid and never lost my passion in drawing and creating. Back in 2008 I made a dream come true for myself in starting what is now my greatest gift ...becoming a

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