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The Coalition for Tattoo Safety’s purpose is to marry all aspects of the tattoo industry together, under a unified voice, to effectively establish common sense industry guidelines and contribute to the continuing education of manufacturers, tattoo professionals as well as consumers.

Our most recent challenge is the House Draft and the Senate Bill intended to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to ensure the safety of cosmetics. For more information you can read and download the House Draft and the Senate Bill here. Keep an eye out for most recent developments.


You don’t have to be a tattoo artist, a supplier or a manufacturer to have your voice heard. There are so many ways for the community to get involved, get together, and ensure the future of tattoo industry is secure. ANYONE can help! Here is how.

– Send a letter to your representatives and congressmen. A pre-written letter with instructions is available for download HERE. To find a Member of Congress by zip code CLICK HERE. You might have one  Representative for your home address and another for your work. In such case both should be contacted. To find US Senators CLICK HERE. Remember that each state has two, both of which should be contacted. 

– Spread the word. Social media is a very powerful tool. Share this information with your network and watch the knowledge spread.

– Join our team by becoming a member. There are benefits to our membership that go above and beyond the financial support that we get. Check out the memberships below.

– Volunteer. Help is always welcome. Send us an email and let us know how you are willing and able to help.


Tattooing, as an art form, has existed for centuries. The industry has been primarily self-regulated since it’s creation. However, in recent years the regulatory landscape has changed in Europe and increasingly in the United States. These regulatory changes have necessitated the unification of our industry and the creation of the Coalition for Tattoo Safety. The tattoo industry must come together, set their competitive differences aside and become an informed advocate for the continued existence of our profession and art.  We either take it upon ourselves to do it, or we run the risk of being side-lined and silenced by unqualified outside groups and associations. Our board of members is leading this movement but without your input, your help and your membership support it will be a long and tough road ahead of us. This is your opportunity to be heard, to make a difference and to secure your future.


The Coalition for Tattoo Safety (CTS) is a collection of Tattoo Industry leaders. Body tattooing, cosmetic tattooing as well as paramedical tattooing professionals and supply manufacturers are all joining forces to secure a better future for the entire industry. Our team consists of tattoo artists, pigment makers, ink manufacturers, machine builders, needle and tube producers, aftercare companies, retailers and wholesalers, shop owners, educators and tattoo enthusiast large and small, YOU! Sign-up today and stay up-to-date on everything tattoo related.


We are currently in the application process of becoming a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We will post an update once this has been finalized.

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